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Raw Dog Food Order Info

Welcome, We are an Oma's Pride Distributor.

Monthly order is required to be placed and paid by deadline (see dates below) and must be picked up on Delivery Day. We will not be held responsible for storing food that is not picked up on delivery day and there will be no refunds issued for failure to pick up order. Deliveries are every 4 weeks with Thursday being the pick up day.  (See dates below) We ask that if you are not going to be available on delivery day that you make arrangements for someone else to pick up your order.
  • Limited food may be stocked and available throughout month.  Call for availability. (603) 533-0242 Pick up other than monthly delivery day by appointment/availability only.

  • 17 Lorden Drive Milford, NH 03055

  • Please contact us for more information. 
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    Order By Date:                                              Pick up Date

  • By March 13th              for              March 22nd           12:00-7:00  (Thursday)
  • By April 9th                 for              April 19th               12:00-7:00  (Thursday)
  • By May 3rd                   for              May 17th                12:00-7:00  (Thursday)
  • By June 10th                for              June 14th               12:00-7:00  (Thursday)
  • By July 8th                   for              July 12th                 12:00-7:00  (Thursday)
  • By August 5th              for              August  9th              12:00-7:00 (Thursday)
  • By September 2nd      for              September 6th        12:00-7:00  (Thursday)
  • By September 30th     for              October 4th             12:00-7:00  (Thursday)
  • By October 28th         for               November 1st         12:00-7:00  (Thursday)
  • By November  25th     for               November 29th       12:00-7:00  (Thursday)
  • By December 20th     for               December 27th       12:00-7:00  (Thursday)
  • 2019:
  • By January 20th           for             January 24th            12:00-7:00  (Thursday)               


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